Tarot cards, psychic exploration, and of course oils.

I always had this vision of how I should act if I wanted to have a life of intention and love. I thought I had to be zen all the time. I assumed I needed to be all-knowing and beautiful every moment. I was under the impression I had to have the outside world view me as a “hippie” in order to be “in” this club or circle I longed to be in.

Boy was I very wrong…..

I haven’t written in a while. There’s both excuses and actual reasons for that. I am finding myself on this journey. I have found my love for myself. I am becoming more who I was meant to be every day. I’m practicing my psychic side, I’m setting goals for my doTERRA business and I’m wearing and acting how I truly feel-my actual authentic self.

I still worry about the outside view of me, although I’m not sure why. I look at people as I express myself, waiting for the judgement or the whispers….Of course they never come. I am learning to trust my inner voice, and starting listening to my guides and my guardian angel.

I have awakened to a vibration that is new and exciting for me. I am just beginning to form my gifts, extend myself to my greatest potential, and open the door for others to follow. I have found a group of women who feel the same way I do, and who are also on their own journey.

I have such a fear of being wrong, of truly messing this all up–but I am learning. I have brought myself this far, and I need to trust the guides put in this life for me to follow to shape a life of highest purpose and meaning.

I have started using and sharing oils and doTERRA products again, something I really enjoyed doing before. I have cut my hair, and will have it even shorter to become comfortable in my own skin. I have started to open up to endless possibilities, and I live more in each moment every day.

I have awoken. It is time I find my greatest potential, and I dabble in anything and everything I may want to do. I have been called to find myself, and live my truest life.

I intend to do that. My journey to intentions is only just beginning, and here I had thought I knew what I was doing before; only to find out that was just the edge of it all.

Love to you all x

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