Shut up. Seriously.

5:30am came too fast. The screeching of my alarm woke me with a start. I hit “dismiss” and just laid there for a minute. Am I really going to do this? Every week day morning I’m going to get up, make a cup of tea, and actually do 15 minutes of yoga to wake up? Why did I think I could do this? I can’t even touch my toes… That’s when my true self chimed in, “You do this because you know it will heed results. You do this because you want to. You have always wanted to be more active. You do this so you can free every part of you and live up to what you want to be: inspiring.”

As always, that inner-self talk is right. I do want to do this. I want to get up, exercise my body and soul, and set the intention to have a good day. Spinning everything to a positive is not easy. It has taken me a few years to even grasp that I have complete control over every thought, every action, and every reaction. It starts with setting your intentions, and then meeting it with no excuses.

“Excuses.” Sounds harmless. Excuses are exactly what keep all of us from being and doing what we truly want. “I don’t have time.”, “I’ll be the only one.”, and the worst of all, “I can’t.” Shut up. Seriously, shut those off. You do the best you can with what you have and strive to do more/better next time. YOU have control over that. As SOON as those thoughts come creeping in, “just this once I won’t.” “next time maybe.” “after a while”, shut them down. I find that if I reach deep inside myself, and counteract the “next time” with a “or now, so later you can do something else.” or “there it is again. just do it.” I tend to be more apt to shape into a positive response.

If that doesn’t work for you, maybe internally list the reasons for you to do it. For you to grab that passion and take charge of your own actions and reactions.

This morning, I had to resort to listing the reasons. That alarm went off at 6:30am, and as I reached to shut it off those thoughts came creeping in. I thought of why I set that alarm in the first place even though it’s a Saturday. 1. I can do my yoga right away and that would take care of myself-body, mind, and soul. 2. I could spend time with the kiddo that is already awake anyway. 3. I can start to write.  As I began listing these reasons in my head I felt myself get excited and more ready to start the day.

Set your intentions and the rest will come. Your life begins when you say it does-it took me 28 years to do that. There is no time limit. There is no expiration to your passions. Take charge, and do something that will take care of that inner-self. Your true-self. I’m only sharing my own experiences, and offering to be here to motivate anyone who needs it. To offer support to anyone seeking it. This is my time to do what I was born to do: Inspire.

Each Friday I’m going to post. Each Friday I will bare my soul of something that I faced, that I experienced, and that I conquered. I may post on different days if I feel I should.

What will be your first intention of the day? Grab it-and meet it.

Love to all.

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